Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recovering from Treatment

Good Morning Cancer Survivors
Your last round of treatment is not the end of the journey but the beginning of the recovery process from the toxic abuse cancer treatment puts your body through. When you finish your last round of treatment you will not receive a certificate of suffering, certificate of completion, recognition for surviving treatment or a warranty card. This is the part of your journey that is critical to your future health: How quickly you can recovery from the treatment by rebuilding your immune system and your physical strength. You have just survived the worst battle of your life and for your life which leaves the survivor in a susceptible, depleted state. The immune system is weak and compromised, physical strength depleted and there may be numerous side effects' carryovers.

There are three recovery"Must Get Rights":
  • Focus on recovery- this is your mission, develop a recovery plan, don't worry about reoccurrence,
  • Rebuild your system- your immune system, physical strength and feed the system nutritionally, physically and mentally
  • Live your life- resume your activities, don't waste your time and cherish every day

If you had an infusion port inserted I recommend you keep it in and have it flushed every three months. You don't want to have it replaced if the cancer returns. Build your recovery plan with your oncologist. Rebuild your stamina and physical strength with exercise and high nutrition foods, good calories, extra protein and antioxidant rich foods. The cancer journey isn't over yet. Don't waste your recovery.

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