Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cancer Isn't Worth Dieing For

Good Morning Cancer Patients and Caregivers;
Cancer treatment becomes a rigorous brutal undertaking with its numerous treatment protocols, side effects, surgeries, treatment regimes, and the physical abuse treatment puts your body through. No matter how bad the treatment is, and you may feel like dieing rather than continuing with treatment, cancer is not worth dieing for.

Every cancer patient decides how they will deal with their cancer. Doing no more than going to treatment and suffering through the agony of treatment and treatment side effects, is a choice. Today with the many advances in cancer treatments, there are more cancer patients surviving cancer or are living with cancer than ever before.

Every cancer patient makes the choice to be a survivor and decides how they want to achieve being a survivor. You will always feel like a victim or a specimen going through treatment but meandering through  treatment, hoping not to lose your life to cancer, is not something to look forward to. Your alternative choice as a cancer patient, is to address and challenges of cancer before you.

 Cancer treatment is a high stakes poker game, where the treatment team is determined to cure your cancer, and hope they can do it before the treatment defeats you. It is incumbent on the cancer patient to take a proactive and aggressive approach to doing everything possible to help your body endure the grueling side effects and deterioration of strength, stamina and the body's immune system. Taking a proactive role in your treatment creates the mental strength and fortitude to continue with treatment. It also helps reduce the fear factor that has become your unwanted companion on your cancer journey. Being proactive with your treatment helps build your resolve and inner strength.

If it takes getting a second opinion regarding your diagnosis, treatment and the choices you have regarding your cancer, then get it. The more you know, the more you control the fear factor and the better the decisions you can make. If your oncologist tells you there is nothing more he can do. He is telling you he has exhausted his knowledge and resource base. Ask for a referral or find another oncologist that has the attitude and motivation to help you win this battle.

Cancer patients need to take control of their destiny in cancer treatment. They need to decide they want to skew the survival statistics by defeating cancer. You may have to get mad dog mad about having cancer in order to buck up to do everything possible to help your treatment team be successful with the treatment. No one ever dated the prom queen (king) by hoping not to lose. Buck up and take the battle to cancer. Get an attitude and get mad dog mad. Find what works for you and never give up. Cancer isn't worth dieing for.

Stay strong, keep your sense of humor and never give up.