Friday, May 7, 2010

Join the Journey

Good Morning Cancer Survivors

Every cancer patient decides how they will respond to the challenges of their cancer. How you deal with cancer and the treatment journey is your choice. There is no good time to be diagnosed with cancer and no good time to start cancer treatment. Make no mistake, as soon as you start cancer treatment you make a decision to get on the bus your oncologist and cancer treatment team are driving. You may not know where the bus will take you on the journey or where the bus will stop at the end of the journey. So when you get on the bus, join the journey and do everything possible to make the journey a success. More cancer patients survive today than ever before and by making a conscious decision to join the journey you are committing to becoming a cancer survivor and contributing to the improvement in the survivor statistic for your type of cancer. No matter what the survival statistic is for your type of cancer, somebody has to be in the statistic, why not you? The journey can be long and challenging and will require you to have the courage, strength, commitment and motivation to stay engaged and not get discouraged. Every day will not be a good day when you are deep in treatment, and there are generally more bad days than good days because you feel so miserable. Don't despair and keep in mind the excitement of life has the power to drown out all the pain and nausea. Get excited about life. It won't make you feel any better but it will keep you from dwelling on your cancer, and the treatment side effects won't bother you as much.

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