Monday, March 8, 2010

Inaugural Posting 3-8-10

Good Morning Cancer Survivors:
It's a great day to be alive. Spring is near, the sun is shining, the song birds are back and the bleakness of winter is fading every day. This blog is in place for cancer patients and cancer survivors, to provide a venue to share with each other " What works for them" going through cancer treatment and surviving cancer. I am convinced if we can share this information with each other, we can build a Base of Knowledge for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers, and become a resource for them and to them. As the blog develops and evolves, we will use folders to place subject content for easy access and referral.

Cancer is being diagnosed in more people today then ever. The good news is more people survive cancer then ever before. Every cancer has a survival statistic and every patient should know what that statistic is for their type of cancer. Knowing how large of a challenge you have is important for you to get motivated and to put your cancer on notice you are in for the fight. Somebody is in the statistic, why not you? What do you have to do to be a survivor. You are in the worst battle of your life and for your life with a formidable enemy working 24/7. You are already a survivor since you were diagnosed. Now you have to join the journey and do everything to win your battle. Your cancer treatment team and your oncologist will do everything they can to to treat you and defeat the cancer. You have to help them. How?
-Get an attitude and believe you can win
-Do everything possible to stay healthy during treatment
-Eat right and stay nurished to keep up your strength and imune system
-Keep your sense of humor

Bruce E Jacobs

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