Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Treatment May Kill You, If You Let It

Good Morning Cancer Patients and Caregivers;
 If the cancer doesn't kill you, the treatment may, if you don't do everything possible to help your body withstand and recover from the tremendous abuse treatment inflicts. Although more cancer treatments are becoming focused on the infected area, chemo and radiation treatment create enormous collateral damage of good body cells while attacking the cancer cells. The collateral damage increases with every round of treatment and the high stakes poker game begins. The reality is, the treatment team is trying to kill the cancer before the cancer or the treatment kills the cancer patient. Doing nothing to assist your body recover from each round of treatment or to help it endure the treatment, I believe, reduces the chances of the treatment being successful because the treatment either has to be discontinued or its treatment strength reduced because the cancer patient cannot endure the treatment's effects.

Let's face it. Going through cancer treatment can be the worst battle of your life and for your life. Every cancer patient must decide to get Mad Dog Mad and buck up for treatment. There is nothing easy about cancer treatment as the side effects after each round of treatment compound  and get worse. When you reach the point during treatment you cannot tolerate anymore devastation to your body, is the time to dig deep inside yourself to muster up your inner strength to go the distance. Your attitude needs to become, Cure Me or Kill Me with treatment.

Every oncologist knows when a cancer patient loses greater than 10% of their body weight during treatment, the outcome for success is greatly reduced. As your body weight declines, your strength, stamina and ability of your body to ward off infections to keep from getting sick are greatly reduced. The cancer patient needs to be proactive in the treatment process and help their body stay strong and healthy during treatment and minimize the collateral damage treatment causes to the body. The physical, nutritional and mental body components need to be cared for and enforced, to improve tolerance of the treatment side effects and recovery between treatments.

Cancer treatment is not a journey anyone should look forward to. More cancer patients are surviving cancer and are living with cancer than ever before. Improving the success of the treatment can be influenced greatly by the cancer patient and their ability to support and nourish their body to help it endure the treatment and recover. Don't let the treatment's collateral damage cause the outcome of treatment's success.

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