Monday, August 27, 2012

Direct Your Destiny

Good Morning Cancer Patients and Care Givers;
The past couple of months I have had too many friends, acquaintances and relatives diagnosed with cancer, restart treatment or enter hospice programs, none of which I would have expected. Fortunately, there are more cancer survivors and more people living with cancer than ever before. What I find curious, is more cancer patients I meet put their entire trust for a successful treatment and cure in their cancer treatment team and oncologist. When I ask -- so what are you doing to contribute to the success of your treatment program and recovery?... the response is generally the same. "What should I be doing"? This approach is the treatment process being done to you rather than being done with you as an active participant team player in the process.

Every cancer patient decides how they will deal with their cancer and their treatment. Doing nothing but receiving treatment and hoping for the best is an option but it makes you a victim of your destiny guided by someone else. Unfortunately, you need to be as aggressive in your participation as your cancer treatment team is in trying to cure you. This is the worst battle of your life and for your life. You will have to buck up even more if you have to restart treatment because of a recurrence or another invasion. Don't get discouraged. You made it through the first time. You can do it again. You just have to give your body more support to endure the new rounds of treatment.

Don't let cancer treatment make you a victim of your destiny. Contribute to directing your destiny through the treatment process as an active team member.

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