Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Don't Get Sick

Good Morning Cancer Patients and Caregivers;
Going through cancer treatment is one sure way to make you feel sick. But its the side effects of treatment that make you feel sick. I believe cancer treatment is a high-stakes poker game. Treatment kills good body cells and cancer cells. The intent is to kill the cancer with the treatment before the treatment makes you weak and it has to be stopped. Your cancer treatment team will do everything it can to play offense and treat your cancer. You have to play defense by helping your body stay strong and healthy while it is going through treatment. Remember, the treatment is making you weak. It is reducing the strength of your immune system. You may not be getting enough good nourishment because you have no appetite. Your endurance, energy and activity levels are declining. By its very nature you are susceptible to getting the flue, a cold, pneumonia or some other illness as a result of your weak immune system.

You need to take every precaution not to get sick. Stay away from sick people. Small children are germ factories. Especially during the flue season and colder months of the year. Get a flue vaccine and a pneumonia vaccine.Keep your hands clean from germs by frequently washing them or wiping them with hand cleaner. Keep you hands out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Don't touch your face with your hands. When you are out in public and you see people coughing and sneezing, avoid them in the area. The cold months are the worst and you have to be overprotective not to get sick. Do not under estimate the disadvantage your body and immune system have to ward off even common sickness. Recovering from a common cold when you are in treatment can become a major event.

Finally, eat right and eat healthy to strengthen your immune system. Take vitamines and extra protein to help rebuild your cells and strengthen your immune system. Be extra-cautious of the winter flue months and to protect your body so it can endure the abuse it is going through from the treatment. Conserve your energy but exercise. Just don't wear yourself down.

Going through cancer treatment is a battle of its own, don't add to the battle by getting sick. Do everything you can to keep from getting sick. You can't be careful enough.

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