Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Excitement of Life

Good Morning Cancer Patients;
The excitement of life has the power to drown out the pain and nausea of cancer treatment. It's almost spring and every day approaching spring is one less day for winter to continue. The early spring flowers are starting to pop up, tulips and crocuses. The warm weather we experienced has the trees beginning to get buds on them. The neighborhood is showing signs of life as people come outside. More days are being filled with sunshine. Daylight is lasting longer and soon it will be time to turn the clocks forward again; while the excitement of life continues as new born babies and puppies enter our lives, children play outside, the migratory birds return to our areas and the grass begins to turn green. Even with cancer you can enjoy life, as more and more people are not only surviving cancer but are living quality lives with cancer.

Its the excitement of life that can put the spark in you to live through, and sometimes, just push through the agonies cancer and treatment throw at you. You had a life before cancer and you have one now. Don't let cancer strip you of the opportunity to live it and enjoy the excitement it brings every day. Cherish the opportunities you have before you and don't waist your time on life's trivial many things that distract you and consume enormous energy you need for better causes. Every day won't be a winner but every day doesn't have to be a loser. Its your excitement for life that determines what is a good day.

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