Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tough Job for the Caregiver

Good Morning Cancer Patients;
The second toughest battle during the cancer treatment process is the one your caregiver endures. The caregiver for the cancer patient may be a spouse, brother or sister, parent or child, friend or neighbor or some combination there of. Being a caregiver for a cancer patient doesn't come with a set of rules. The roles are not defined and the repsonsibilities are many. Being the caregiver means your life has been disrupted equally as much as the cancer patient's life has been disrupted with the diagnosis of cancer.

Three "Must Get Rights" for the caregiver will help the caregiver get through the journey. These are:
- Define your role-- what you will and won't do, what is expected of you and what should not
be expected of you. You may not know this when the journey starts but you can define it
asthe journey progresses. Learn the cancer treatment system and settle your emotions.
- Maintain your life-- You had a life before you became the caregiver, try to maintain as
much of it as time will allow. Make time for yourself, manage the stress you are under and
stay healthy.
- Don't be a martyr. Being anointed the caregiver doesn't require martyrdom. Take
advantage of anyone's help that is offered to you. Be patient with your cancer patient and
push when needed.

Your responsibilities as a caregiver should focus on providing:
- Physical strength and support to help your cancer patient endure the rigors and toxic
abuse of treatment
-Emotional reinforcement and encouragement to help your patient stay strong, nourished,
motivated and focused
- Provide spiritual support to assist the patient deal with the fear, anxiety, emotional stress.

The role of the caregiver is not easy. I believe it is one of greatest acts of undeniable charity a person can give to another.

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